what is the benefit of having a xeon server!
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In the ever changing IT hardware infrastructure it is advisable that one embraces the latest technology to get the best value for money and a good robust system. Xeon Servers, a 1u server and a tower server utilize the power of several single-threaded CPU's in one instance.

Hyper threading

Each Xeon core is seen as multiple processors that work to improve the overall performance of your server. Xeon Hyper threading capability can optimize the multiple cores to give more processing ability.


Xeon based processors have built in energy saving efficiency which means the server can do more work with less power consumption.

Storage Space

A single Xeon processor can replace up to 15 single core server based processors. This will save on both costs and physical space needed in the server room.


Xeon-based servers are known to be energy efficient, therefore meaning less heat production. This will keep your cooling overheads down saving on power in the long run


Because of its high-level encryption capability, your data will be far much secure than in a normal single core server environment.


You can run multiple operating systems on a single Xeon processor because of its capability to simulate a virtual hardware environment for the second Software.

Implementing the Xeon Based Server proves to outweigh other risks that you may encounter in single core server-based network.

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